about us 

Vipan Kumar Gupta, Chartered Accountants was established in October 1970 by Mr. L.C. Gupta and Mr. J.M. Vigg, both qualified as Chartered Accountants in the year 1970, as an assurance service, tax litigation and advisory firm. The firm has since then, expanded to cover a wide array of tax, assurance, corporate and other financial advisory services. The firm has been consistently ranked amongst the top professional advisory firms in India and has a well-established reputation for delivering quality and service to its clients.

The evolution of Vipan Kumar Gupta, Chartered Accountants is characterized by its focus in the early years of practice on assurance and taxation services to corporates and individuals. The firm was majorly providing services to textile, hosiery, cycle parts, entertainment, and automobile industry. In 1986, the partners saw great potential with the advent of technology and with a long-term vision to adopt technology, in the same year, the firm purchased a computer which was the very first computer purchase by a CA firm in Ludhiana. This was the start of use of technology by the firm and thereafter the firm has been continuously using the updating the technology for its own and clients needs. In 1990’s the firm was rated amongst the top 25 firms of the country by a business magazine. In 1993, the firm opened its office in New Delhi and in year 2020, the firm has opened office in Lucknow. Use of technology is core to the heart of the leadership of the firm. The firm has helped the clients in implementation of ERP and Business Intelligence tools. The firms is also providing BPO and KPO services to the overseas clients.

 Two of the partners are DISA qualified who are experts in helping the clients in business continuity plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). And two of the partners are certified in the Indian Accounting standards expert knowledge by the Accounting Standards Board of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, New Delhi.

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